Building Wealth

“Goodlife has allowed us to set goals to fulfil our dreams”. – Jim and Judith Coe

Coe-FamilyWe have many couples that come to us in their mid to late 40s with teenage children. Both parents tend to work, but in a lot of cases, the husbands are the sole income earner and the mother is a stay-at-home mum. Outgoings are larger,  and disposable income is low.

Families like this tend to have steady jobs and have lived in their family homes for quite some time. They have huge potential to get started on a wealth creation path, but have not had the discipline or advice to make that move. The beauty with these types of clients is time – They have a longer horizon before retirement. Hence, they can achieve more!

We’ve helped many clients like this tap into the goldmine they’re sitting on within the equity they’ve built up. Starting slow, these clients have built up property portfolios of four or more properties. They’ve diversified their investment assets and set up KiwiSaver accounts for the entire family, and in a lot of cases, also set up portfolios of managed funds.

We’ve been able to achieve great things for families like this. It’s achievable to anticipate growing a nest-egg of around $1.4M that will pay a passive income for the rest of their lives from 55 onwards of $80,000 per annum. We help them to pay their mortgage off faster and protect their assets with correct estate planning and risk management.