Building Security

“I am over the moon. Thank you for helping me achieve my dream and goal. Dan, you’re the man – this client is happy as!!” – Sally Rowe

Sally-RoweSomething I see a lot with a certain demographic of my clients is where their ex-partners have taken a huge chunk of built-up financial gain along with them when they depart the relationship. In most cases, this financial gain was not theirs to take! As we know – under NZ law – 50% of everything goes to the partner upon separation, regardless of whether it was their hard-earned gain or

This has seen my clients coming to me after virtually having to start all over again. And – I applaud them! They’re taking the bull by the horns and building their own wealth. But, this time with a difference: It’s protected and it’s theirs!

One area this type of client really needs help with estate planning. Most people think of estate planning as a ‘post death’ benefit. It’s not. Proper estate planning will protect my client’s assets in future relationships. It will also protect the legacy for children from previous relationships. They will never again get themselves into a situation like they’ve experienced before thanks to the holistic approach to their financial lives we take here at Goodlife.

We’ve built diversified portfolios for clients like this that include investment properties, managed funds, and KiwiSaver. I’ve put together a roadmap for clients like this that will see them achieving $50,000 per annum passively for the rest of their lives at retirement.