Reducing ACC Levies

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I need to protect my business and reduce my ACC levies

How can ACC’s ‘Cover Plus Extra’ save me and my business money?

In most cases, the businesses we have worked with have cut their annual ACC Levies by approximately 50%.

ACC cover is compulsory in New Zealand. For many self employed people, this can mean significant added expense. A little known fact is that ACC has a cheaper option called ‘Cover Plus Extra’. ‘Cover Plus Extra’ enables you to cover yourself for a nominated amount which can be lower than your annual income. This will mean less income protection for accidents; however the savings will be significant. While we would never endorse you having inadequate cover, the savings you will make by choosing ‘Cover Plus Extra’ will enable you financially to seek better and more comprehensive cover with private insurance companies. One major reason we stand behind this change for self employed individuals, is that you will be covered not only for accidents but for illness as well. Something ACC cannot provide!

Why should I have business protection?

We specialise in the following:

Insurance provides business capital and security which will fund the replacement of key people in the business. On top of this, you will be covered for loss of profits which may arise from the absence of key personnel. It can also improve the likelihood of a temporary business loan to get you through the unexpected interruption. Insurance provides cash for necessary medical procedures, specialists, tests, hospital stays and special treatments for the whole family. In these days of hospital and treatment waiting lists you can have greater control of your access to health care.

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