Our Staff

The heart and soul of Goodlife Financial Advice has always been the people, and Rebecca and Daniel are dedicated to maintaining the core values of the original brand as they develop innovative financial products and services to meet the current conditions. Please read our staff profiles below.


Company Founder

Gary Hodgson

Founder, Mentor and Investment Specialist

After 12 years of successfully running our business, in 2007 I was thrilled when my Daughter Rebecca decided she wanted to follow my career & she began her own career in financial planning as my intern. In 2008 I retired & Rebecca worked hard under my continued guidance to provide quality client advice services. Rebecca continued to grow the business & in 2009 invited my Nephew in law Daniel Carney to join the business.

I am very proud to say that today Rebecca & Daniel continue to sucessfully operate & expand the current advisory business while retaining the founding principles & continuing to achieve a high client rating.


Authorised Financial Adviser

Daniel J Carney

Director / Authorised Financial Adviser

Daniel has vast experience in investment, lending, and insurance and is a fully accredited Authorised Financial Adviser. Daniel's career experience includes owning a rental property agency in London & five years as a Business Development Manager for Euromoney Institutional Investor both in London, UK and Boston, Massachusetts.

Daniel is a member of the Professional Adviser Association and Ginger Group. He belongs to the complaints resolution scheme 'Financial Services Complaints Ltd' and is registered and authorised with the Financial Service Providers. Register Providers Number: 61921.


Finance Manager

Natasha Hogan

Finance Manager

I know that buying an investment property is one of the biggest financial commitments you're likely to make.

You want to get the best deal on your home loan that could save you thousands in interest and fees, over the term of your loan. I work to ensure our clients receive only the best service and feel 100% comfortable with how we structure debt to pay it off as soon as you possibly can.



Margot Carney


Margot comes from a long history in residential and commercial property investment and valuation. She began her career in this field with a land agent in London UK, assisting clients as a Property Search Specialist for celebrities and high net worth individuals. Also having extensive experience with CBRE in London and Boston as a commercial property valuer in buying land for future investment development.


PA Administrator

Rebecca Batistich

PA Administrator

Becca is currently studying to become an Authorised Financial Adviser and will soon be fully qualified.

Here at Goodlife we give clients the little push they need to think about and start to invest in their future and build a nest egg. Our clients financial well-being is a priority in allowing them to feel financially secure for their future.



Naveed Balouch

Senior InHome Consultant, Mentor & Coach

Former Commercial Pilot and Corporate Warrior, Naveed Balouch, turned his considerable professional and personal talents, experience and skills towards helping Kiwi families and individuals improve their financial well-being in 2012. This was the year Naveed made a commitment to embark on the path of helping Kiwi individuals and families improve their financial position and well-being (vs. his previous work, helping a myriad number of companies improve their bottom- lines and achieve sustainable growth).

In the 5 years since joining the Goodlife Financial Advice team, Naveed has successfully conducted over 500 InHome Consultations with Aucklanders, helping a large majority of those visited (over 90%) take the first important steps towards achieving financial independence. Armed with a Master’s degree in Management from a top 10 Harvard-Affiliated University, trained in the practice of personal coaching and wealth creation, and complemented by over 35 years’ work experience in the corporate, government and local community sectors, around the world, Naveed is looking forward to helping the next group of Kiwi families and individuals improve their financial well-being in 2017.

Naveed lives on Auckland’s North Shore with his wife and their elder son, who has completed his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Auckland University. Their younger son is studying overseas. When not helping Goodlife’s prospective clients improve their financial circumstances, Naveed can be found in the gym, on the tennis court, swimming in the sea or at Eden Park, watching the cricket.