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Is there still room for investment in the Auckland regions?

With the Auckland Unitary Plan being passed, you might be tempted to stay within the city. However, there’s still plenty of room out in the regions.

Why is homebuyer confidence suddenly so low?

Worried about the current property investment market? There’s no need to be – let us tell you just a few reasons why there’s still room for building wealth.

What does the LVR limit delay mean for you?

The new LVR limits have been delayed by the Reserve Bank to October. What does it mean for you and your property investment strategy?

What's next for New Zealand construction?

The Auckland Unitary Plan has made a big splash in the property industry; but will it really have the intended effect on the world of construction?

Are you ready to take on an off-the-plan build?

Are you considering an off-the-plan build? Here’s what you need to know before you decide to start committing capital to this potential investment strategy.

3 ways you can work with the new LVR restrictions

The new LVR restrictions could be a headache for your investment strategy – that is, unless you have to know-how to work with them.

Could Whangarei be the solution to your property investment woes?

With Auckland and elsewhere pushing higher in values, others are starting to look elsewhere for investment. Should you be checking out Whangarei?

New LVR proposals: What you need to know

The RBNZ is looking to make another change to the limits imposed to investors – but this time, it’s not just about those in Auckland.

Are you KiwiSaving properly?

KiwiSaver can be a great way to start building wealth towards your retirement, but are you using it in the correct way? Chances are, you might not be.

Former RBNZ Chairman calls for controlled crash

Rising prices in Auckland are making a lot of people suggest dramatic changes – but are they feasible, or could they end up damaging the property market?