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Property investment in your twenties: Strategies that make it possible

Have you all but given up buying an investment property in your twenties? Here are four strategies that can make investing-young a distinct possibility. 

Investor update: What’s going on in the regions?

After the turbulent year that was 2016, what can we expect from residential property markets around the North Island of New Zealand? Let’s have a look. 

Why Auckland property investors should consider going north

Thanks to sky-high prices, Auckland’s a tough market for many investors to crack. Here we have a look at why Northland is emerging as a viable alternative.

Investment basics: 5 terms you need to know

Investing in residential property can be difficult and confusing. We’ve defined a few simple property terms, to help those who are considering doing so.

3 reasons why NOW is the right time to invest in property

House prices have dropped in both Auckland and Hamilton. We have a look at three reasons why, despite this, now is the best time to invest in property.

Landlord’s insurance: A no brainer for smart investors [Video]

Have you got landlord’s insurance? Here we have a closer look at why exactly it’s essential and what not having could mean for you and your property. 

Making 2017 a better year in property [Video]

Following our article on financial resolutions for 2017, we’ve had a look at how smart property investment can help you achieve these.

What are your financial resolutions for the new year?

Happy New Year! Have you started thinking about making your resolutions come true? We’ve whipped up ideas for financial goals for you to achieve in 2017.

Would an Auckland house price downturn hurt investors?

Some experts are predicting a house price downturn in Auckland. We look a little closer at what exactly this means for those wanting to invest. 

Make your money work for you: Not the other way around

What’s the way to a better financial future? We have a look at how the average Kiwi can find theirs by putting their money to work for them.