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Are you ready to take on an off-the-plan build?

Are you considering an off-the-plan build? Here’s what you need to know before you decide to start committing capital to this potential investment strategy.

Could Whangarei be the solution to your property investment woes?

With Auckland and elsewhere pushing higher in values, others are starting to look elsewhere for investment. Should you be checking out Whangarei?

Are you KiwiSaving properly?

KiwiSaver can be a great way to start building wealth towards your retirement, but are you using it in the correct way? Chances are, you might not be.

A non-traditional way to get onto the property market

Finding it hard to get onto the Auckland property ladder? It might be time to start thinking outside the box and get creative with your financing.

The 3 things that will keep Auckland house values rising

Are you expecting a housing market crash? You might be waiting for a long time! There are still three major reasons why Auckland prices will keep growing.

A true success story: An interview with Jim Coe

Jim Coe, now retired former client of Goodlife Financial Advice, takes the time to speak to us about his journey towards financial independence.

Dismantling the Auckland Metropolitan Urban Limit: Good idea?

It looks like the Urban Limit for Auckland is going to be dissolved, but is it really going to improve housing supply as purported?

What did the Budget deliver for housing?

The new Budget is here, and with it comes a lot of changes for residential property investment. Do you know how it could affect your portfolio?

The question of risk: An interview with Kevin Smee

Are you effectively managing your risk? We talk with Director of Solutions Kevin Smee on how average Kiwis can help avert investment disaster.

What will the budget bring for New Zealand property?

With the new Budget just around the corner, it’s time to have a look what might be in store for the housing market and residential property investors.