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Diamonds in the rough: 4 tips on unearthing a good investment

Investing in property in New Zealand can be a brilliant financial move if you plan and know the market. Here’s just four tips to help you do so. 

Leaping up the ladder: your first home as an investment

There’s an established way of thinking when it comes to investing in property in New Zealand. Is there a different approach new home buyers can take?

Buying your second property might be easier than you’d expect

Buying a second property as an investment might be easier than you’d expect. We run through the basics of doing so and discuss what the benefits could be. 

Majority of New Zealanders still expecting house price increases

Buyer confidence is high in New Zealand’s property investor hubs. What does this mean for you and how can you take advantage of strong market conditions? 

How might the Auckland Unitary plan affect your investment?

The Auckland Unitary Plan will have widespread affects on Auckland’s property market. What might it mean for investors and will the changes be positive?

4 hidden costs of investing in property in New Zealand

Investing in property will cost your far more than just the sale price. Discover four of the most commonly unexpected costs of buying property.

Tauranga: An up and coming property investment hub

Investor activity is picking up outside of Auckland as prices skyrocket in the city. Is Tauranga the next hotspot for property investors in New Zealand?

Sky-high capital gains outside of Auckland central

Investors assume that the highest capital gains are found near Auckland CBD. Recent sales data from area’s further afield reveals that this isn’t the case.

Is there still room for investment in the Auckland regions?

With the Auckland Unitary Plan being passed, you might be tempted to stay within the city. However, there’s still plenty of room out in the regions.

Why is homebuyer confidence suddenly so low?

Worried about the current property investment market? There’s no need to be – let us tell you just a few reasons why there’s still room for building wealth.