Residential Investment Property Market Updates

What's going on with the OCR?

The official cash rate has again been adjusted in a surprise move from the Reserve Bank. Why has it changed, and what does it mean for property investment?

Auckland market begin to drive into buyer's favour

Auckland sellers are flooding the market with new listings, perhaps presenting an opportunity for new buyers to get their foot on the property ladder.

Proposed Auckland Unitary plan falls into disarray

The Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan has hit a snag as the Auckland Council has voted to revoke the recent proposed changes to zoning laws in some areas.

Is Tauranga outpacing Auckland in growth?

Have you considered investing in Tauranga? The Bay of Plenty city has seen some serious growth over the last few months. Read on for more.

Property opportunities appearing in Hamilton

Recent QV statistics demonstrate that while Auckland has big values, it isn’t always the largest centre of growth in real estate.

New City Rail Link could ease Auckland affordability woes

One answer to the Auckland affordability question: could the new City Rail Link ease affordability in Auckland over the long term?

Reserve Bank maintains OCR at 2.5 per cent

The OCR has remained steady at 2.5 per cent, though the Reserve Bank of New Zealand has indicated further easing may be in store later in the year.

Retirement villages could be improving Auckland housing affordability

An increase in demand for retirement accommodation could be part of the reason for the slowing Auckland property market, a new study finds. 

Auckland prices level off, creating appeal for new investors

Lower asking prices in Auckland could indicate that the property market has peaked: presenting a potential property for patient investors.

Migration and the property market in 2016

New Zealand has a huge number of new migrants every year from all over the world. How could this new record-breaking influx affect the national housing market?