Residential Investment Property Market Updates

What's next for New Zealand construction?

The Auckland Unitary Plan has made a big splash in the property industry; but will it really have the intended effect on the world of construction?

3 ways you can work with the new LVR restrictions

The new LVR restrictions could be a headache for your investment strategy – that is, unless you have to know-how to work with them.

New LVR proposals: What you need to know

The RBNZ is looking to make another change to the limits imposed to investors – but this time, it’s not just about those in Auckland.

Former RBNZ Chairman calls for controlled crash

Rising prices in Auckland are making a lot of people suggest dramatic changes – but are they feasible, or could they end up damaging the property market?

How could Brexit affect your property investment?

Britain has voted to leave the EU, causing a stir in the financial markets. How could it affect us all the way over here in New Zealand?

The 3 things that will keep Auckland house values rising

Are you expecting a housing market crash? You might be waiting for a long time! There are still three major reasons why Auckland prices will keep growing.

Dismantling the Auckland Metropolitan Urban Limit: Good idea?

It looks like the Urban Limit for Auckland is going to be dissolved, but is it really going to improve housing supply as purported?

What did the Budget deliver for housing?

The new Budget is here, and with it comes a lot of changes for residential property investment. Do you know how it could affect your portfolio?

What would loan-to-income limits do to the property market?

Could we be seeing new speed limits on top of the existing loan-to-value ratios? We take a look at how it might affect the Auckland market.

Riding the wave of tourism

Residential property investment doesn’t have to revolve around renting. Here’s how you can build wealth through the influx of tourists we see every year.