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The secret to easier property investment for beginners

Are you considering property investment? We’ve got the secret to success when you start out – and it’s a lot simpler than you may think. 

Supercharge your savings: Should you be putting away more?

Are you worries that you’re not saving enough? We have a look at how much you should be saving, and the steps you can make to take better care of your money. 

The three financial bases all Kiwis should cover

Getting your finances in order doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are three goals that you can focus on to get started towards a better financial future. 

The creative investor: Alternative methods for getting started in property

With house prices the way they are, many may give up on property investment. Here are a few alternative investment methods that could make it possible. 

Investor basics: What is rental yield and why does it matter?

We have a look at what exactly rental yields are and why they’re so important, with the goal of helping to demystify property investment. 

Why build investment property over buying existing

Building your first investment property might be your ticket to benefiting from a thriving property market. Find out why and how.

Investor toolkit: How to get started in property

Are you thinking about investing in property soon? The first steps can be the hardest but they’ll be far easier if you get the right advice.

Owning one property could earn you more than your entire salary

Working a nine to five isn’t the only way to earn income. In fact, investing in property could make you even more – we look a little closer.

Are you making the most out of your Kiwisaver?

Are you enrolled in Kiwisaver? Have you selected a default fund? Find out how you could be saving far more with the right strategy. 

A city on the up: Christchurch as an investment location

After a challenging few years, an incredible rebuild effort has brightened Christchurch’s future. Is the southern city now a hotspot for property investment?