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When Will NOW be the Right Time for YOU?

That’s a good question – and one I hope as many people as possible answer for themselves ASAP. Will this decade be the decade you become financially independent? What better way to catapult yourself there than through the best performing investment asset out there: Property. When we meet people for the first time, we take […]

2014 – The Rock Star We’re All Hoping For?

So – What’s in store for us in 2014? You get that feeling that Kiwis are ready to mount wings and fly finally right? Or is it just me? This year just has that great feeling about it, and I for one am really looking forward to what’s going to pan out on the financial […]

Saving for Retirement? Will You Actually to be Healthy Enough to Enjoy It!?

It’s a noble thing to have saved enough of a nest-egg It’s a noble thing to have saved enough of a nest-egg so that you no longer have to rely on the government or your employer for your income. Only 4% of Kiwis are in that category – and we at Goodlife want to make […]

Is This Property Market About to Burst?!

In short – NO! Think about what that actually means for a second. In fact – Think of other bubble bursting scenarios and what lead to that happening, and what was the outcome? The top two that stand out for me are the tech bubble bursting and the US housing bubble bursting. What lead to […]

Investment Property & LTCs – A Good Match?

Here at Goodlife, we make no bones about it – We highly recommend the set up of an LTC to own your residential investment property. This is a type of limited company, specifically set up to have losses run through it. LTC stands for Look Through Company, in that all losses look through to the […]

How to Get OUT of the Poverty Cycle

It’s an unfortunate statistic that more than 85% of New Zealanders will retire completely reliant on the Government for their pension and healthcare. That’s particularly scary when the Government aren’t going to be able to sustain the funding of retirees for much longer. Something will have to ‘give’ eventually. It’s a mathematical impossibility that the Government will […]

Buying Investment Property in Tuakau

A large number of our clients have purchased residential investment property in Tuakau in the last two years. To the uninitiated, this might seem like an ‘interesting’ move, to the savvy investor, this is what we would call a wise move! Why Tuakau? Tuakau used to be a service town for the wider rural area. […]

Why Now is the Best Time to Get Into Investment Property

Looking at what’s going on in the world right now, one might not be wrong in thinking that all of the planets have aligned and that all signs point to investment property being the number one option on the radar for investors here in New Zealand – and in particular – Auckland. They say that […]

Why You Should Not be on a Default KiwiSaver Scheme

When you start a job and you start KiwiSaver for the first time, you’ll more than likely land on a default scheme. This video will explain why this is more than likely the WRONG option for you. Watch this video ASAP!

The Four Key Elements to Residential Investment Property

The following four characteristics are essential if you’re going to get it right in investment property. Slip up on any of these, and financial ship-wreck is that much more inevitable. We get this right for our clients so that you don’t have to navigate these waters alone. Let’s examine those four key characteristics: Growth It’s […]